Why is Biodiversity Important & How Does It Affect My Health?

At least 40% of the world’s economy and 80% of the needs of the poor are derived from biological resources. In addition, the richer the diversity of life, the greater the opportunity for medical discoveries, economic development, and adaptive responses to such new challenges as climate change.” ~The Convention about Life on Earth

– A larger number of plant species means a greater variety of crops

– Greater species diversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms

– Healthy ecosystems can better withstand and recover from a variety of disasters.

As evidenced within the past several years, due to climate change, the U.S. and many regions are experiencing devastating weather disasters, from tornadoes to floods. So recovery from disasters is becoming an important point!

How Does a Healthy Ecosystem Affect My Health?

“We believe that once people really grasp what is at stake for their health and their lives, and for the health and lives of their children, they will do everything in their power to protect the living world.” ~ Eric Chivian M.D. and Aaron Bernstein M.D., M.P.H. – Harvard Medical School, Center for Health and the Global Environment

– Wild species may possess attributes that make them well suited for study and treatment of human diseases. If these species are lost, they take those secrets with them.

– Biodiversity assures against threats to crops from pests, diseases, and climate change.

– Freshwater fisheries produce about 25% of the world’s food fish, but these are increasingly threatened by the degradation of rivers, lakes, and streams due to man-made dams for diversion of waters for agriculture, as well as the effects of pollution.

– Whole Foods and other markets now have lists of fish that are “low in mercury”. They also indicate how often and how much we can safely eat these fish, which if you like fish, is not that often! A once healthy and wonderful source of protein and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, has now become poisoned due to environmentally unsound practices from big corporations. This mercury poisoning is not just affecting us, but the entire food chain!

– Biodiversity allows for a greater variety in crops.This allows us to get a wider variety of vitamins, nutrients and minerals into our diets!

Honestly, there is such a vast amount of information I could provide on this topic, it is overwhelming. The important thing is awareness! All of this is real- pollution, deforestation, herbicides, and pesticides all affect our environment and our ecosystems. We all need to wake up and see the impact we are having on the earth and take some crucial steps to try to turn this around.

Together, we can save our planet and save our health!