We always welcome and appreciate when our clients let us know how much better they feel and how much our services have benefited them.

Dan Beck Testimonial
Dr. Gold provided me a detailed in-depth evaluation of what my problems were, how they can be caused and attributed by my behaviors, and then how to work to modify those behaviors to further alleviate me of my symptoms. She has provided me both a great deal of immediate relief from chronic pain and helped put me on a path to make her work last.
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Jeremy Rewey Testimonial
Doctor Gold fixed my shoulder when no one else could! MRI found nothing wrong but I still couldn’t use it! I’m a personal trainer, and this chronic injury was so bad that I was forced to close down my Boot camp business because I could no longer lead by example. She was my last hope before “exploratory surgery”.
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Marie Lena Testimonial
I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the results from the supplements you suggested regarding my menopausal symptoms. I was truly miserable with the hot flashes, sleeplessness, anxiety, etc. And although I was initially skeptical, you insisted the products would work if I was diligent with my dosages and regularity.
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George de la Vega Testimonial
I first met Dr. Gold in the summer of 2005 at the School of Naprapathic Medicine after my return from Iraq. At the time I was having “back pain” that was so severe that the simple task of breathing would significantly increase the severity of my pain. Dr. Gold has been very patient with me. She has addressed every part of my spine and together we found the causes of my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine pain.
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Margaret J. Brennan Testimonial
I have had pain in my hip and neck for many years and it was getting worse as I got older. I went to Dr. Gold for naprapathic treatments and I have had tremendous improvement in both areas. Due to my increased mobility, my golf game has improved. I also sleep much better and I no take large amounts of Advil for the pain. My quality of life has definitely improved.
Chris Gordon Testimonial
I have been seeing Dr. Gold for many years – originally for massage and then for Naprapathy. The variety of treatments offered take care of all my needs – electrical stimulation and Pointer Plus for lower back pain, ultrasound for tennis elbow, laser for healing injured muscles…
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