Dr. Lisa Gold, D.N. graduated valedictorian in 2005 from the National College of Naprapathic Medicine in Chicago, IL. She received the Highest Clinic Award, as well as the Achievement of Academic Excellence in Naprapathic Sciences Award. In 2006, she opened her private practice, Gold Naprapathic & Wellness Center in Lincoln Park. Her dedication to academic achievement, combined with over a decade of experience in hands-on therapies, has given her the resources and skilled tactile senses that her patients truly appreciate and benefit from.

As a child, Dr. Gold suffered from asthma, chronic ear infections, and severe allergies. She had been given a variety of medications, including numerous bouts of antibiotics. In fact, so many bouts of antibiotics, that by the age of 13, she had become immune to them. Due to the persistent ear infections, and no antibiotics in which to resolve them, she decided to research natural remedies, as modern medicine had failed her. Through her quest, she discovered holistic remedies that worked. A person who suffered for years was now finding permanent solutions to her problems, instead of only temporary relief. Her search for natural cures is now over two decades in the making and it has changed her life. This personal success with alternative therapies has made her passionate about sharing these benefits with her patients.

A native of Chicago, Dr. Gold, D.N. received her massage therapy training from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy (CSMT), one of the nation’s leading massage therapy schools. After completing her basic certification in 1999, she went on to obtain additional certifications in Pre-Natal Massage Therapy and Myofascial Therapy. While attending massage school, she worked at a chiropractic clinic and received the clinical background that would later fuel her decision to pursue a higher level of education. She also received her BA (with honors) from Columbia College in 1996.