Common questions about Naprapathy

What are the benefits of Naprapathic Medicine?
Naprapaths believe the body has inherent recuperative capabilities. Given the optimal environment, manipulation assists the body in its recuperative ability. Based on the concept that constricted connective tissue (ligaments, muscles and tendons) interfere with nerve, blood and lymph flow, naprapathy uses manipulation of connective tissue to open these channels of body function.

What is Naprapathic Medicine?
Naprapathy was founded in the early 1900s by Dr. Oakley Smith, an early chiropractic pioneer, who called his manual medical technique naprapathy. Naprapathy is a natural, holistic treatment that utilizes gentle manipulation of the spine and other articulations of the body.

How many sessions does it take to feel the health benefits of seeing a naprapath?
Once a patient experiences the benefits of Naprapathic treatments, regular visits becomes an important part of their health care program.