Is it OK to Cook with Olive Oil?

Is it OK to Cook with Olive Oil?
Which Oils are Good for You & Should you Cook with Them

The most important thing to consider is “smoke point”. The smoke point is the temperature at which visible gaseous vapors can be seen from heating the oil. Since decomposition of the oil occurs at smoke point, you want to avoid this at all costs! When the chemical composition breaks down, harmful cancer causing compounds are created. Inhaling the vapors can even be damaging. The more the oil is refined, the higher the smoke point.

I generally do NOT recommend cooking with olive oil because the only kind I promote using is Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is the least refined olive oil, and therefore, the smoke point is low. I think it is best used on salads- cold! However, refined oil or “pure” olive oil does have a higher smoke point, but they are not as nutrient rich or healthy! Try some of the other oils listed below for cooking.

1. Olive Oil– pending on the “grade” of olive oil, the “smoke point” will vary. Organic extra virgin olive oil is the least refined, and it’s smoke point is around 200° Fahrenheit, so no baking!

2. Coconut Oil– many people are talking about this because it has a higher smoke point. Unrefined=350° & Refined=450° Fahrenheit

3. Almond Oil– 420° Fahrenheit

4. Avocado Oil– 520° Fahrenheit 

5. Soy Oil, unrefined– smoke point= 320° Fahrenheit

6. Soy Oil, semi-refined– smoke point=350° Fahrenheit

7. Soy Oil, refined– smoke point=450° Fahrenheit

One oil that I do NOT recommend is canola oil. There is too much information to list here, so please click on the link below to learn more.

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