How to Shovel Without Breaking Your Back!

1. Try a snowblower – remember a snowblower is not good for all types of snow, but if it’s applicable, it can save your back.

2. Electric power shovel – it is smaller than a snowblower, but has the ease of one. It’s easier to maneuver because it’s the size of a shovel.

3. Heated stair-tread mats! This is easy- just plug it in and watch the snow and ice melt away!

4. Heated drive way – it is an investment, at first. However, the time saved shoveling, the cost of shovels, snowblowers and salt saved; as well as trips to the doctor, are all worth it!

5. Deicers– companies have become more environmentally conscious, so it is easier to find brands that are more eco friendly.

6. Proper ergonomicsIf you do have to use a traditional shovel, please bend your knees while lifting the snow and avoid quick twisting motions. Take your time, and be sure to stretch before and after you are out in the cold. If you need to wear a low back support belt, please do so. You can always get one from my office or try to find one on line. If you feel sore afterward, have yourself a relaxing, hot bath with Epsom Salt.