8 Easy ways to De-Stress at work

Easy ways to de-stress at work

1. Music– “easy listening” is the key, whether it’s classical, sounds of the ocean or flutes. Whatever gets you to lighten up; go for it. If you don’t have your own office, then you may want to use ear buds.

2. Fountains– studies have shown that the sounds of water invoke relaxation. Whether you have a tiny fountain at your desk, or if you want to invest and get a large fountain for your waiting room or entryway, you and your clients will enjoy it.

3. Scented candles/incense/diffuser– lavender scented candle or incense gives a calming effect. If lavender isn’t your thing, then choose a scent that is! Maybe vanilla or chamomile are your preferred scents. Whatever it may be, it’s an inexpensive and easy way to relax while working. Essential oils are a great way to scent your office without being obnoxious. A small bottle of essential oils will last a long time.

4. Stretching– I always recommend “mini-breaks” to my patients; especially if you sit at a desk all day in front of a computer. Neck stretches, shoulder stretches, wrist stretches, and even glute stretches can all be achieved while sitting in your chair.

5. Breathe!! – sounds simple and silly, but many of us tend to hold our breath during stressful situations. You may not even be aware that you are doing it, but your body does! Your muscles tense, and you become tired and irritable. When things get rough, take a time out. Take a few moments to breathe deeply. Even only 3 slow, deep breaths can help relax you. Try inhaling and exhaling- each for a full count of 10.

6. Feng Shui– Placing a small plant on your desk is a great way to energize your immediate workspace. Fresh flowers are also a lovely way to brighten up. Bamboo and money trees are top picks for Feng Shui. If you place a plant in a red pot to the East side of your desk, you will help to encourage good health and positive energy, while placing the pot towards the southeast will attract more wealth into your life.

7. Photos– Sometimes having a photo on your desk that reminds you of a great vacation, a loved one, or a beautiful scenic view can give you a few moments to take a mini vacation from your stressful task and allow you to day dream a minute to a happier time and place.

8. Mantras/Positive quotes– Having a calendar of positive thoughts, quotes or mantras can also provide a quick pick me up. You can find them at most bookstores, and they can help put a smile on your face.

We can get busy and stressed out at work, but studies show that you become less productive if you are too nervous, scared or stressed. It’s better to take a small break and come back to your project with a calmer, more focused frame of mind.