Cell phones! We all use them! But are they safe?

Cell phones! We all use them! But are they safe?
We all use cell phones. Including some of our children! More and more evidence is mounting to prove that the radiation from cell phones can be very harmful to your health!
I am happy to announce that I now carry the R2L for cell phones by Erchonia.
Erchonia is extremely excited to unveil their newest scientifically proven technology, the R2L (Radiation To Light) cell phone radiation protector. This device has been proven through SAR testing to reduce up to 70% of harmful cell phone radiationThe R2L device has a super thin microprocessor that captures the cell phone radiation and turns it into a harmless LED light.
 Cell phones are a necessity in today’s society, and more and more research is coming out on the dangers of cell phone radiation.  Please check out this U.S. government study about cell phone radiation, which was published on the front page of the May 28th issue of “The Wall Street Journal.”

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I am offering the R2L for only $30. Please contact me to learn more or to purchase one!  (773) 443-3132