6 Natural Cold Remedies

People always ask me what I do when I get a cold. As so many people have been sick lately, and I haven’t, I decided to share my natural cold remedies, which are also immune boosters!

1. Probiotics – studies have shown that people who take a daily probiotic have less respiratory infections, coughs and runny noses. For best results, probiotics need to be taken daily. Good news- it’s just 1 capsule in the morning.

2. Vitamin D – most of us that live in the Midwest are low on vitamin D. I know this because I see the lab results that show this in many patients. Vitamin D not only boosts your immunity, but also inhibits autoimmunity.

3. Zinc – taken at the onset of a cold helps reduce the duration and intensity. The best way to take zinc is in a lozenge, as coating your throat prevents viral proliferation. Beware- nasal sprays have been linked with permanent loss of smell, so stay away from this delivery system!

4. Echinacea – improves your immunity by increasing white blood cells (your body’s defense line against invading bacteria, viruses, and allergens). It has been shown to decrease the length of a cold.

5. Vitamin C – studies have shown that by taking a daily regimen of Vitamin C, it can shorten the frequency, duration and severity of your cold. I recommend taking 4-5000mg for a therapeutic dosage (not daily dosage). If your stomach gets irritated or you get bowel issues (diarrhea), then pull back the dosage, but most adults are fine with this amount.

6. Chicken soup – if I ever get sick, I ALWAYS have home-made chicken soup. Using an organic chicken is best, as putting unwanted hormones and chemicals into your body is the last thing you want to do when your immune system is being taxed. Lab studies have shown chicken soup to reduce inflammation and speed mucus clearing.