I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the results from the supplements you suggested regarding my menopausal symptoms. I was truly miserable with the hot flashes, sleeplessness, anxiety, etc. And although I was initially skeptical, you insisted the products would work if I was diligent with my dosages and regularity. As you know, I was discouraged for the first six weeks as I saw no abatement of my symptoms. Again, you encouraged me to “stick with the program” and well, you were right! All of a sudden, the unbearable symptoms stopped; I am now getting much needed sleep (which solves a host of problems when you can think clearly), the hot flashes are completely gone, and I’m once again able to enjoy intimacy with my husband without pain or discomfort.

I can’t thank you enough for your concern, diligence, and frankness in helping me face these unpleasant issues and deal with them directly. I’m grateful that I did not take the advice of my M.D. who suggested hormonal replacement therapy and anti-depressants. I was not willing to deal with the potentially dangerous side effects and thought I would just have to suffer through menopause. I’m so pleased that you were able to provide a safe and natural alternative that actually works!

I would be happy to speak to any patient of yours who might be having the same reservations as I did and give them my testimony. I am a true believer of these supplements as I can certainly attest to their effectiveness.

You are amazing,

– Marie Lena