Dr. Gold provided me a detailed in-depth evaluation of what my problems were, how they can be caused and attributed by my behaviors, and then how to work to modify those behaviors to further alleviate me of my symptoms. She has provided me both a great deal of immediate relief from chronic pain and helped put me on a path to make her work last.

I have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms in both hands for almost two years and ultimately had surgery done on my primary hand. Unsatisfied with the results of the surgery I wanted to try an alternative on my left hand. Dr. Gold was able to both begin immediately alleviating my symptoms and help me prevent and reduce their recurrence. The ability to manage my symptoms while working to reduce and eliminate them without any extensive downtime could not be more ideal.

I had experienced Sciatica symptoms for over two years and after several visits to Dr. Gold my symptoms have all but vanished; the severity and regularity of my symptoms have been dramatically reduced or completely eliminated.

Dr. Gold explains everything she does, why she does it, and how it will benefit you. I’ve never left her office with lingering questions or doubts and if I ever had any I am comfortable they could easily be addressed. My only regret is that it took me so long to find Dr. Gold; she has and has helped me improve the quality of my life beyond what I believed could be possible. Dr. Gold has been the light at the end of my dark tunnel, I will never adequately be able to express my appreciation.

– Dan Beck