Insurance Coverage for Naprapathic Care

Dr. Gold, DN accepts all insurance companies that have Naprapathic coverage. The most common carriers that have Naprapathic coverage are: BCBS, United, and Cigna.

To find out if you have coverage with your insurance plan, please scan the front and back of your insurance card, along with your driver’s license or state ID. Please email or text (773) 443-3132 (text is preferred) your insurance card, email it to: If you are not the primary name on the insurance policy, please provide that person’s name, date of birth, the name of their employer, and their phone number. With this information, Dr. Gold, DN will be able to call your insurance carrier to find out if you have coverage.

Once you are an established patient, meaning you have had your initial evaluation (90-minute office visit), and you do not have insurance coverage, Dr. Gold, DN offers a cash discount for those that cannot afford the standard prices.

Naprapathic Cash Prices

1 hour Naprapathic Session: $125

45 minute Naprapathic Session: $100

30 minute Naprapathis Session: $75

The duration of time for your appointment is determined by the complexity of your case. However, if you are coming for a wellness visit (maintenance), the amount of time you would like to have is up to you.


Initial visit: $125

Follow-up visits: $75


Office visit: $85

Custom orthotics: $350

Custom orthotics with magnets: $395

Massage Therapy

Medical Massage: $135 – This massage is performed by Dr. Lisa Gold, DN, herself. She has been practicing therapeutic massage therapy for over 20 years (since 2008). Her skills far exceed any spa massage. Whether you need a specific area worked on to relieve pain and spasm, or you simply want a relaxation massage, Dr. Gold, DN has the expertise to handle whatever needs you may have.

  • If you are a first time massage client, take advantage of our 20% off discount!
  • Dr. Gold, DN does NOT accept tips for her treatments, as it is unethical for a doctor to receive any additional payment for services rendered.
  • Once you become an established patient, Dr. Gold, DN frequently offers package discounts, as well as individual massage discounts on a monthly basis. (Patients rarely pay full price.)

Functional Medicine

Initial 1-Hour Visit is comprised of 3 things: Office visit: $150, Extended blood panel: $195, Adrenal Stress Index Test: $170

Follow-up Visits:

  • 60 minutes: $135
  • 45 minutes: $100
  • 30 minutes: $75
  • 20 minutes: $50

Stand Alone Treatments

Once you are an established patient, you may choose to have a stand alone treatment for minor issues.

All of the following are $35:

  • Cold Laser
  • Gua Sha
  • Ultra Sound

All of the following are $40:

  • Sleep Assessment
  • Work Assessment


Prices are subject to change. Lab testing may vary from year to year, as prices for labs increase. Please contact us for current pricing. Thank you.